Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Dance!!!

Made my first sale on Etsy!!! My crocheted Rose Cardholder was purchased! Yippee!!! Now I have money for more postings. :-)

Are You "Dragon" a Little Bit Today?

Lookit these little guys at Etsy!....

You can buy this pattern from nutsaboutcrochet.

Or how about this fire-breathing friend?

This pattern is available from funkyorange's Etsy shop.

CrochetNBeads has a pattern on Etsy for a fiercesome protector of your personal treasures.

Here is a free pattern at

Sew What???

Have I mentioned that I am a pattern-a-holic? I think different crafters have their various "stashes". Often with knitters and crocheters, it is yarn. Mine - patterns. Any - sewing, crocheting, sometimes even knitting.

And the cheaper the better. I get antsy whenever Hancock Fabric has its 99 cent patterns days and I miss it. Which... is pretty often. I don't have room to set up my sewing machine or serger, and some damned logical part of my brain keeps telling me "You need to sew at LEAST one of the ones you have."

It is kind of funny that crochet patterns are addictive for me as well, because a lot of times I just use them as guidelines, and don't follow them all the way. "Well, I like this general idea, but I can't get the gauge right, so let's wing it." Blankets, camisoles, heck, even coffee cozies for those expensive coffee drinks from stores. All on a whim.

Anyway, if you like free, here is a site with free sewing patterns from various companies I thought you might not have found.

If you like the European stylings of Burda, here is a site where you can buy a lot of the patterns in their magazine. There are some freebies as well. I just wish their sizes ran larger.,1333669-1413205,enEN.html

This weekend I hope to make a dent on what I have left on the big granny-square baby blanket, as well as get a stack of comics read. Hope you are productive with your day!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Loss of Autonomy

Rant time....

Yay for capitalism and free enterprise. Well, that is, as long as it is producing some benefit for you. But what about those times when you have to go with a particular company or pretty much do without?

Case in point - living in the boonies. Based on our research there is one - yes a whopping ONE DSL service which provides in my area. Said DSL service was supposedly down over AT LEAST TWO STATES last night.

Never mind the fact that we get intermittent service in the first place. If it rains, there goes our internet connection. Plus, the speed is sometimes marginally better than dial up. I don't think we are close to the hub, but really, if my speed is THIS slow, should you even be claiming you offer it in my area?

Yes, I suppose I could go with satellite broadband, but I can't afford it.

I teach customer retention and customer service. This company and its representatives don't act in the ways I try to get the trainees who come through my class to act. They don't have my loyalty in the slightest, and if cable internet ever becomes available in my area, this company will be losing both my internet service AND my phone service.

End rant.

Monday, December 3, 2007

If You Are New to Collecting Hot Wheels...

And would like to get a bunch of items dating back to '95, please check out the link I have added or click here. It is a large chunk of my husband's collection. There are Mainlines, and sets, and some premium type cars. This collection is discounted from what we paid to almost 50 cents on the dollar. He will deliver within 100 miles of where we live (mid-south TN, about 10 minutes from the TN - AL border). Please please please contact me if you are interested.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Post

Original title for this post, huh? I'll be honest, I'm a little bit at a loss right now because of "money issues". So creativity is shot.

"We" collect. Meaning... my husband does. But like with everybody, money is tight. Today we went to the Rocket City HotWheelers' show to see if anyone was buying. They aren't. And what he is trying to sell would be too expensive to run the chance of it not selling on eBay.

I want to sell crocheted items on Etsy, but I feel my items may not be original enough. I do try to adjust my prices accordingly, though.

The things I do collect tend to be Wonder Woman related. But I would not go out of my way to spend big dollars on items on my own. I always have to say "No, I really don't need another statue...". Sigh.

My husband is working on downsizing his habit, and wants to get rid of things. He has a list of Hot Wheels, Gentle Giant Star Wars items, and comics he wants to sell. Maybe by getting these lists on the web, I can help him.

I have made a few small items for Etsy, but I have been guilty of not finishing a baby gift from September. I really like the small items better - I guess I like near-instant gratification of creating... SOMETHING. A few more days, though, and this baby blanket will be done. Darn having to work - it would be done much sooner!

So, perhaps with this blog I can vent, post project pics, and maybe even get a little input as to what I can create. Are you game?